10 Best Antiviruses With VPNs in 2022

VPN keeps you anonymous. Fortunately, many modern antiviruses now support this technology. Usually, you won’t know which antivirus is better until you try it yourself. So, this article will review the best antivirus apps with built-in VPNs in 2022.

Why is it better to choose antivirus software with VPN?

With the development of technology, hacker methods are becoming more and more sophisticated. Good antivirus software is a doctor capable of eradicating an unpleasant “disease” or even preventing it. Modern antiviruses are more than just malware filters. For example, they can protect you from phishing attacks, cyber attacks, and ransomware. Also, most antiviruses offer additional functions like spam filters, parental controls, an advanced firewall, and even a built-in VPN.

At the same time, it is tempting to think that you can protect yourself from viruses by simply following the principles of web hygiene. And this is true to some extent, but new malware and viruses appear yearly. Therefore, many antivirus vendors include VPNs with antivirus services in their security packages. Choosing antivirus software with VPN protection promises double protection against spyware, viruses, hackers, and scammers. 

The top 10 bets antiviruses with VPN

So, we have determined the top 10 best antiviruses with VPN:

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free 

Bitdefender offers more than just virus protection. Password management, ransomware protection, and VPN make for one of the most comprehensive packages available.

2. Norton 360

The app is consistently ranked as the best antivirus and will come with a reliable VPN in 2021. includes online backup, password manager, and exploit protection, plus the standard protections you need to keep Windows 10 secure on up to five PCs.

3. Avira Prime

Many users regard Avira Prime as a one-stop solution for antivirus protection, web protection, ad blocking, privacy protection, and system maintenance. In addition, it has the following excellent features, including unlimited Phantom Pro VPN by Avira.

4. AVG Antivirus

The program has a special smart algorithm for detecting threats, a “cloud” check function, and scanning Wi-Fi networks. In addition, an antivirus with a built-in VPN protects passwords and browser information and reduces the load on the system.

5. Kaspersky Antivirus

The app is a great security app and one of the best antivirus apps for Android. The free version includes a manual scan of programs for malware and viruses. In addition, the app consists of a VPN module. 

6. Panda Antivirus

The antivirus with VPN is based on highly efficient cloud technologies. If the program finds a potentially malicious object, it sends it to the developer’s server, where it is checked. Antivirus reduces the system’s load since all calculations are carried out in the “cloud” environment.

7. TotalAV 

This app monitor in real-time, checking all the downloads, links, and playable files you are working with now. In addition, antivirus includes VPN. Comprehensive software protects your email from attacks and information leaks

8. McAfee Total Security

McAfee also offers unlimited VPN for all but the most basic package. In addition, the Plus package provides excellent antivirus protection, a firewall (also present in their base package), password manager, file shredder, browsing protection, and PC optimization.

9. Intego Antivirus

It is an antivirus for Windows with real-time protection that protects against viruses, trojans, malware, unwanted software, network threats, and the latest security threats. Intego Antivirus includes several types of scans, a scan scheduler, an exclusion manager, and a VPN.

10. Avast Antivirus

It is a powerful free antivirus with VPN, offering tools to scan the system and individual files, external drives, and attached volumes for malware, check emails, attachments, and various Internet activities.

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