About Us

Welcome to MediaBruh! In case you were wondering, this a general online merchandise store independently operated from southern California by a very dedicated owner we like to call “Bruh”. If you haven’t figured by the name already, we sell mostly everything and anything that has to do with any types or forms of media. From TV show/movie related items to music, to iPhone cases, Macbook accessories, we have it all!

We admit, we are a relatively new business but we carry just as much passion, drive, dedication, and devotion for all of our customers satisfaction as any other company in the world. Here at MediaBruh! it’s all about having fun and making lasting connections with our customers while still being able to serve in an extremely efficient and professional manner. New items are added regularly so don’t be afraid to come check out the amazing daily deals we have to offer!

If you would like to contact us with any questions or concerns, please feel free to email the owner directly at [email protected] Thanks for visiting, be sure to share with friends and happy shopping!

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