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Best GPS One Can Purchase on Best Buy

If you want to upgrade your car, you probably think of adding the GPS there. It’s a great choice that will not only make your interior more modern and appealing. This convenient solution will save you the phone’s battery since you won’t need to use the maps there. Today, we’ll take a quick look at the best options you can buy.

Main facts

Many people explore Best Buy GPS offers because the store has great price tags and plenty of discounts. Store’s buyers prefer Garmin GPS models such as DriveSmart 61, DriveSmart 65 & Traffic, and DriveSmart 55 & Traffic. On average, they cost from $180 to $200 per item. If you want a quick solution, look no further. Pick one of those and move on.

How to choose a GPS?

There are many aspects one should pay attention to when buying a GPS. Let’s enumerate them for your convenience:

  • Start with the basics: choose the screen size, maps, and POIs;
  • Define if you want to get information about live traffic and other details;
  • Get the device with Bluetooth to connect additional devices;
  • Make sure you can connect your phone;
  • Choose the brand you trust.

This list can include some personal preferences. However, there is one important thing. Do not try to save on the GPS for your car. If you decide to purchase it, realize that you’ll do it once. So, buy a model that has everything lest you end up buying another one several months later.

Discover the best options on the market

According to numerous independent reviews, Garmin DriveSmart 55 is the best car GPS. You can buy it on Best Buy or other online stores like Amazon.

In case you are tight on the budget, the manufacturer offers a decent alternative. Take a closer look at Garmin SmartDrive 52. It is a basic navigator with several extras.

If you don’t want this brand, you should explore offers from TomTom. For instance, TomTom Go 520 is a good choice. It’s also suitable for world travelers.

Why is Garmin more popular?

The company designs more intuitive menus and offers a wider selection of options in various price categories. Many people drive only in the nearby regions and don’t really need very advanced maps, as long as they take them to the right place.

In case you often drive far, and you need the top-quality map, TomTom will probably get to the top of your list. This company stands out by delivering the most precise maps and simple instructions.

Bottom line

Choosing a new GPS could be time-consuming. One needs to learn about all these new features and possibilities to make the right choice. So, if you are looking for such a device, be attentive and find out more about the smartphone connectivity, maps, speed-camera locations, traffic alerts, Wi-Fi, and other features you want. Keep in mind that some models are better for specific regions. Account for this when choosing the most suitable model.