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How to Fix a HP Laptop Charger

When malfunctions occur during operation associated with HP laptop chargers, they directly affect the operation of other laptop systems and can lead to more serious damage. For this reason, the repair of the laptop power supply and its connectors must be carried out in a timely manner and by experienced people or yourself if you know how to do it.

When a laptop power supply fails, many users unwittingly face the question of the expediency of carrying out repairs. It happens because in cases of some breakdowns, it will be cheaper to buy a new HP laptop charger than to try to fix the old one. In any case, it is recommended to show the charger to a professional before making a final decision.

HP Laptop Chargers Are Often Mechanically Damaged

Despite the fact that without a power supply and connectors for connecting it, full-fledged operation of a laptop is simply impossible, many treat it quite casually and subject it to various kinds of mechanical stress. Falls, kinks of wires, regular overheating, liquid ingress are the results of improper and careless operation.

In the event of malfunctions in the operation of the connectors and the laptop power supply, it is not recommended to try to fix everything yourself. It is because the unqualified intervention can lead to changes in the parameters of your laptop. And this, in turn, will entail a number of negative consequences. Therefore, if you do not have the necessary knowledge and have never repaired a laptop power supply (charger) and its other elements before, you should seek professional help from special repair centers. A huge amount of them can be found in every city.

How to Independently Check the Functionality of the HP Laptop Charger

As mentioned above, independent attempts to fix a malfunction in the operation of laptop batteries will not lead to anything good if the user does not have the necessary experience and knowledge. However, before giving the laptop batteries to a repair center, you should check if the connectors and the power supply are actually broken.

To check the performance of laptop batteries, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the laptop;
  • Disconnect the power supply (charger);
  • Remove the battery from the laptop;
  • Connect the power supply to the laptop;
  • Turn on the laptop.

If the laptop turns on and works normally, then the power supply is working and it may be something else. If the laptop does not show signs of life, then the problem is in the unit. It is necessary to suspend the operation of the laptop. Otherwise, this can lead to damage to it.

To conclude, we want to say that it is possible to effectively fix it yourself if the wire break occurs at some distance from the connector. In the event that the charging cord is damaged at the very edge, it cannot be saved at home. Modern HP connectors cannot be disassembled.