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How to Transfer Pictures from Android to iPhone?

Today, we’ll find out more about the ways you can move your images from Android to iPhone.

The official statement

According to the official Apple website, a user may manually move content from any Android-running gadget to iOS devices like an iPhone or an iPad. There are two main ways to pick from.

  • To do it properly, you’ll have to get special software.

On your Mac, you must have the Android File Transfer app. Then attach your Android to the laptop or desktop. Find the content (images, videos).

Launch the app, pick the elements and drag them to the folder on your PC. Then detach the Android gadget and attach the iPhone.

The final step is to open Finder or iTunes and synchronize the photos. Now you may reach the photos in Photos > Albums. The album will keep the same title.

  • Try iCloud Photos.

One more possible way out is to use iCloud Photos. When you keep your photos there, you’ll be able to view them from any gadget.

Other possible ways to move photos from Android to iPhone

The Internet is full of dedicated software to assist you in reaching the goal. For instance, dr.fone is a program that can deal with this issue and resolve plenty of other mobile-related problems. Its best peculiarity is that the program lets a user move content from other devices regardless of the operating system they have. This software has a user-friendly interface and a selection of extra features. Over 3 million people have installed it so far.

Another app worth your attention is Move to iOS. The direct title reflects the main feature. This convenient solution requires you to adjust some iPhone settings first. Other than that, the procedure is rather simple.

Shareit is one more app developed to help transfer files between smartphones. It takes seconds to send pictures. The best thing about this software is its free price tag. It also has several convenient features that can move individual pictures as well as full folders. Moreover, the app can transfer other kinds of files.

There are many other programs. Pick the most suitable one based on your needs and preferences.

Aside from the official advice to use iCloud, users may also use other clouds, e.g. Google Cloud. Just save the photos in the cloud and reach them from any gadget regardless of the operating system. Moreover, you’ll be able to access them from your tablet, desktop, and laptop.

You might be surprised but Bluetooth is a good way to send photos from Android to iPhone. Since both of them have this feature, a user can easily send pictures the same way he sends them to other Android devices. It’s a time-consuming process because images are uploaded one at a time.


It turns out moving images from Android to iPhone is not very complicated. Many ways let users do it fast and conveniently. Use third-party apps, cloud storage, Bluetooth, and other methods. Pick the one you prefer and enjoy beautiful pictures on any device.