How to Use an Online Dealroom to Manage Deals and Get the Best Deals

A DealRoom brings together B2B buyers and sellers in a single digital sales room, incorporating all of the required technology, papers, and data to conclude agreements.

What are the benefits of using a DealRoom?

Salespeople are used to communicating by email and only delivering necessary information when a potential customer is ready for them. A DealRoom speeds up deals by combining accurate estimates, applicable contract papers (such as terms of service), and eSign in one digital spot, all of which are created by asking a specified series of questions at the start of the sales cycle.

The DealRoom is accessible to the whole buying committee and sales staff, ensuring that buyers and sellers are always on the same page. A DealRoom reduces friction in the sales process by allowing your sales team to deliver precise, customized proposals ahead of their competitors, increasing win rates and sales velocity.

No more delivering lifeless PDFs and Word papers loaded with thoughtless and potentially costly typos — a DealRoom delivers the future of sales to the current world. A DealRoom helps reduce revenue leakage by automating price math and seamlessly integrating with your CRM to guarantee that all account facts are reliably synchronized to your bids.

Key DealRoom Advantages

A DealRoom simplifies communication and generates one continuous sales motion by bringing buyers and sellers together in one virtual area. A more professional buying/selling experience benefits both buyers and sellers. A DealRoom increases seller participation by removing a significant amount of manual labor. Sales teams may produce full proposals much faster and devote all of their efforts on building a stronger relationship with their customers. Sales velocity, win rates, and average contract size are all affected by using a DealRoom.

Sales volume

During the first iteration, beat the competition by delivering a DealRoom promptly and accurately.

Collaboration and transparency

Bring the complete buying committee, including numerous legal stakeholders who can redline papers within the DealRoom, into one unified digital location.

Sales team productivity

When sales professionals can get and push contract data straight from the CRM instead of manually entering data and building sales proposals, they save hours each week.

Increase win rate

When sales teams utilized DealRoom instead of standard materials like PDFs and Word files, their win rate jumped by up to 3X. This information was acquired by the DealHub data lab, which recently evaluated over 193,000 agreements and $25 billion in revenue handled through the DealHub platform.

Tab Requests

Drag and drop upload allows users to swiftly fulfill requests. The platform will automatically sort and save files in the documents tab’s corresponding folder. Assign explicit responsibilities such as assignee, reviewer, and follower to increase accountability on tasks and projects. When any changes to the request are made, users with task roles are notified.

User Requests Main Tab

You may make requests from the Requests tab.

Filter tasks allocated to each person as an assignee or reviewer, including your own requests, quickly.

  • View all sublists and lists

  • If you choose numerous requests for action in bulk, a banner containing actions will display at the top of the Requests page.

  • Make a fresh request.

  • Change/view a request’s priority and status.

  • Individual requests may be seen in comments and files without leaving the tab.

  • Requests may be found and filtered using certain attributes.