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How to Use iPhone Without Sim Card?

When you buy a new iPhone, the activating procedure is the next most exciting thing. It’s also an essential element you must do to begin using the smartphone. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that you have no SIM cart. Is it still possible to activate and use your phone? Let’s find out in this instruction.

A brief overview of the issue

The moment you turn on your iPhone without a SIM card, the screen shows the error message. It says there’s no SIM card and you need to insert a valid one to activate the gadget. There are many possible situations why you currently have no SIM. Regardless of that, we’ll work out the best way out for you.

Four main ways to activate the iPhone without SIM:

  • Get iTunes software on your PC.
  • Use R-SIM or X-SIM.
  • Try emergency calling.
  • Try jailbreaking.

Let’s take a quick look at each method.

Use iTunes software and a desktop

First of all, you are able to activate your iPhone without any issues (and SIM) when you already have an Apple ID. This is the simplest and most effective solution.

The iTunes program was created to control all Apple devices from a single account. Since iTunes belongs to Apple, it’s very safe to try this method. Stick to the software’s instructions. Let’s follow them here:

  • Download iTunes on your laptop or desktop (in case you don’t have it yet). The installation file is on Apple’s website. It works with all operating systems.
  • Use a USB cable to attach your new phone to the PC.
  • Hit Continue when you get the new iTunes window that detected your phone.
  • In the following window, you’ll see two options which include set up as new iPhone and restore from this backup. Choose the first option and press on continue.
  • Choose to Get started and then Sync.
  • Let the process finish and detach the iPhone from your computer.

Now you may go on adjusting the settings on the smartphone.

Try X-SIM or R-SIM to achieve the goal

It is a great alternative when you have no physical SIM. Pick your network provider and enter the 7-digit carrier code. Then choose the phone model and the suitable way of unlocking the gadget.

Activate using an emergency call

It’s an interesting method that also works and lets you activate the device. While it doesn’t let you call an emergency, it performs the needed function. Users all over the world have proved that it works. It seems like a strange way but it might be a solution in case you’ve got not SIM.

Choose the emergency number, dial it, and cancel the call. That’s it.

Jailbreaking might be a possible solution

To put it in plain words, this implies removing all restrictions created by Apple. Tempering with these settings is not the best solution. While it’s possible, you’d better avoid this way.