What is so unusual about VDR services and how do they encrypt the vulnerable data?

Cloud technologies are basic in the third generation infrastructure, which allows creating powerful information and telecommunications system with new architecture and capabilities. Virtual Data Room is a great example of such a system. Let’s take a closer look at its functionality.

Digital Data Room – the best option for vulnerable data encryption

Virtual technologies for data storage, processing, and lighting make it possible to significantly accelerate the process of bringing an information or software product to the market of IT services and increase the efficiency of the enterprise while providing the efficient use of financial resources.

The rapid growth of Virtual Data Room (VDR) offers great potential for improving the efficiency of the information system, reducing the cost of its maintenance, technical support, and rapid use of innovations both for state and commercial structures and for private persons.

The data of the user of the Data service is inside a certain guest operating system installed on the virtual machine. The necessary mechanisms for controlling access to data for users are available, with the ability to configure public access to them. The network traffic required to exchange virtual “packets” is always invisible to other virtual hosts.

There are the following characteristics inherent in the Data Room infrastructure:

  • automation of information resource allocation processes on a dynamic basis;
  • quality assurance (or guaranteed quality) of service provision in the presence of effective service metrics;
  • the possibility of implementing open standards for the transition between the components of the information system and directly to vendors;
  • integration with other cloud systems and their dynamic adaptation to modern requirements.

 What algorithm of encryption does Data service use? 

Security issues pose a serious threat to any system, so it is important to know its vulnerabilities. Databases are very attractive targets for hackers because they contain valuable and confidential information. It can range from financial or intellectual property to corporate and personal user data. Therefore, database security testing is mandatory.

Although encryption is a well-known means of protecting confidential information, it is on the list of data security issues. Data encryption is used to prevent access to sensitive data by attackers or unwanted persons. 

Digital Data Room uses AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) symmetric iterative block algorithm.The method has not only very high security but also a very high encryption speed. Software implementation on a 2 GHz machine allows data to be encrypted at a speed of 700 Mbps.The only working way to break the AES cipher is with side-channel attacks.

A wide extension of the algorithm to the market of the need for acceptable productivity when robots on the most advanced platforms from smart cards to great servers. The performance of the algorithm is highly efficient when encrypted and decrypted, as well as when realizing a key graph

Advantages of using VDRs

The main advantage of using cloud computing, which is the basis of secure data room, is the balancing of the workload, due to which more efficient use of computer system resources is achieved. The other benefits include:

  • the ability to access resources in the cloud using an Internet connection, a normal browser is undemanding to the resources of the end-user;
  • rapid deployment of own services, or increasing the workload on existing ones cloud service provider;
  • support for redundancy, self-recovery, and scaling, which allows to increase the reliability of the system and reduce the risks of software and hardware failures;
  • real-time workload management, including batch operations and background programs that interact with users;
  • real-time monitoring of system load and balance, as well as resource allocation.